Basic Needs

Basic Needs assistance helps impoverished people in crisis successfully navigate the systems of service that exist in our community. Our most commonly requested services in this program area include:


  • Pantry referrals
  • Food stamps and TANF
  • Working with the Department of Human Services (DHS)
  • Healthy eating resources


  • Assistance navigating divorce, child custody, and child support issues
  • Child Protective Services concerns
  • Paperwork and vital records
  • Assistance with victims of crime and interactions with law enforcement
  • Emergency shut-off assistance
  • Paperwork and vital records


  • Wage and hour labor concerns
  • Employ-ability assistance
  • Civil rights concerns


  • Medicaid/medicare assistance
  • Healthcare system navigation assistance
  • Physician look-up
  • Income-based facilities
  • Advocacy
  • Chronic and catastrophic health problems impacting uninsured households

For more information, contact Alejandra Meza, Basic Needs Specialist:


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