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Who we are

The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan is a non-profit organization serving the needs of the Latino and broader community. We strive to provide an avenue for education and openness to promote discussion of the distinctions and values of different nationalities and cultures. We focus on the common thread that unites all people: a desire for understanding and respecting our differences. The way we do this is by advocating for the dignity of every individual, providing access to services that create equity, and investing in relationships within the community, to ensure that our services continue to impact lives.

Family Support Services

Our family support services at the Hispanic Center offer essential assistance with form filling, resource connection, and meeting basic needs, benefiting a wide range of individuals and families in our community.

Youth and Education

Our youth and education program at the Hispanic Center facilitates school enrollment, provides valuable internship opportunities, and offers a bilingual preschool, empowering families to nurture their children's education and future prospects.

Workforce Department

Our workforce department at the Hispanic Center is dedicated to assisting individuals in finding employment, offering training opportunities, and preparing them for successful job interviews, enabling them to advance in their careers.

Language Services

Our language services at the Hispanic Center bridge the communication gap by providing interpretations and translations in multiple languages, fostering understanding and accessibility for diverse communities.
If you need to reach department, please call 616.304.5782.

Our Staff


Our dedicated staff at the Hispanic Center goes above and beyond to create an environment that is not only bilingual-friendly but also culturally sensitive and understanding. We recognize the importance of embracing the rich diversity within our community, and our team is trained to interact with individuals from various cultural backgrounds with empathy and respect.


Who We Serve

Individuals Served

The Hispanic Center proudly serves a diverse and inclusive community, extending its support to everyone, regardless of their cultural or ethnic background. In the year 2022, we had the privilege of assisting a remarkable 30,000 individuals. Our commitment to inclusivity ensures that our services are accessible and available to all, reflecting our dedication to making a positive impact on the lives of those we serve.

Working to Better Serve our Community

We work hard to assess our community needs to better our programming. We create surveys to learn and listen to our community and recently we surveyed over 2,000 Latinos in Kent County to better understand the financial barriers they face.

Annual Report 2023

The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan is happy to announce that our 2023 Annual Report is now available. 

You can also view our PDF version here.

Strategic Plan

We also want to announce that we have completed our strategic plan for 2023-2025

Empowering the Hispanic Community to achieve equity, self-sufficiency, and personalized prosperity.

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