Giving tuesday

When deciding on your Giving Tuesday donations, consider the values and causes that matter most to you. At the Hispanic Center we are committed to helping the Hispanic community achieve equity, self-sufficiency, and personalized prosperity, then donating to them is a meaningful way to make a positive impact.

Amplifying Positive Change

Your donation can serve as a catalyst for positive change, inspiring others to contribute and collectively making a greater difference in the lives of those served by the Hispanic Center.

Strengthening Resilience

Your donation can contribute to building resilience in the face of various challenges, including economic downturns, language barriers, and cultural adjustments.

Addressing the Needs of the Community

Donating to the Hispanic Center is a way to support a holistic approach to addressing the unique needs and challenges of the Hispanic community, ultimately contributing to the well-being, resilience, and empowerment of its members.

What could your donation do?


A $25 donation goes a long way in supporting our dedicated navigators at the Hispanic Center as they assist individuals and families in the Hispanic community. This contribution enables our navigators to help community members fill out essential forms, such as food stamp applications and paperwork for the Department of Human Services (DHS). Additionally, it covers the costs of translating crucial documents and letters, breaking down language barriers and ensuring that everyone can access vital resources. Your donation also helps maintain connections to local resources for basic needs and enables our navigators to provide support where it's needed most. By empowering individuals to navigate bureaucratic systems and access essential services, your $25 donation has a profound and lasting impact, promoting inclusivity and self-sufficiency within the community.


With a $35 donation, you can make a substantial difference in the lives of families by providing them with a 25lb box of fresh produce. This generous contribution allows us to source and distribute nutritious fruits and vegetables, ensuring that families have access to essential, wholesome food. Your donation not only addresses immediate dietary needs but also promotes health and well-being, making a positive impact on the lives of those who may otherwise struggle with food insecurity.


A $50 donation plays a crucial role in supporting our Youth and Education Program at the Hispanic Center. This contribution empowers our dedicated coordinator to assist young individuals in navigating the complex process of FAFSA applications, helping them access financial aid for higher education. Our coordinator also helps with school enrollment, ensuring that young people have the guidance and resources they need to continue their education. Ultimately, your donation is an investment in the future, providing opportunities for these young individuals to achieve higher education and reach their full potential, thus building a brighter and more promising future for themselves and their community.


A $100 donation can offer a family in need, who has recently arrived in the United States, a crucial night of shelter and safety. This contribution provides a temporary respite and refuge for a family that may be facing a challenging transition. It ensures they have a secure place to stay, offering them a much-needed reprieve as they navigate the complexities of adapting to a new country. Your generosity not only provides a roof over their heads but also symbolizes the support and welcome they desperately need in this unfamiliar environment, helping them take their first steps toward building a more stable and hopeful future in their new home.

From Our Navigators

Marisol has dedicated over five years at the Hispanic Center to uplifting our community. At first Marisol started in reception, and moved into the role of a navigator, where she excels in aiding individuals with form completion and connecting them to vital resources. Her passion lies in the "Ready by 5" initiative, where she focuses on providing essential support to expectant mothers and families with children under five, ensuring they have access to the right resources for their children to grow and thrive.
Having grown up in the Roosevelt Park community, she has come full circle by actively contributing to its well-being. As a navigator at the Hispanic Center, Alva plays a pivotal role in assisting residents with crucial form submissions. One of her main focuses is mental health advocacy. Alva ensures that the community has access to essential mental health services by facilitating the presence of a bilingual therapist who offers support twice a week.

From Our Communications Team

Rocio has dedicated over a decade to uplifting and serving the community. Her enduring presence has allowed her to cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with the community members over the years. Through her unwavering commitment, Rocio has become a trusted figure, known for her empathy, understanding, and genuine care. Her extensive experience has not only made her a valuable resource but also a pillar of support for those navigating the complexities of community life.
Veronica's dedication to promoting a healthy lifestyle and ensuring food accessibility has made her an indispensable asset to our community at the Hispanic Center. Through her passionate efforts, she takes a hands-on approach in educating the community on the importance of healthy living. Veronica plays a pivotal role in coordinating our monthly food distribution initiatives, ensuring that nutritious food reaches those who need it most. Additionally, her work extends to our bi-weekly Good Food Box program, providing a consistent source of fresh and wholesome ingredients to community members.

Our Youth Coordinator

Emily's unwavering commitment is evident in the comprehensive support she provides to families, guiding them through the intricate processes of enrolling their children in school, navigating FAFSA applications, and pursuing scholarships for higher education. Emily goes above and beyond to ensure that students have every opportunity to thrive academically. Her dedication is particularly crucial in closing the opportunity gap, as she tirelessly works to remove barriers that hinder students from accessing quality education.

Words from Our Community

Highlight Stories

Jenni, came from Honduras, embarked on a new chapter in life with her husband and three children—14-year-old son, 8-year-old daughter, and 3-year-old son—just over a year ago. Initially seeking employment, she found herself at the Hispanic Center. Embracing a holistic approach, we recognized the broader needs of her family. Beyond job assistance, we worked together to enroll her children in school, secure affordable healthcare, and ensure access to essential food resources. Today, Jenni and her family have seamlessly settled into their new life. Rosie, her 8-year-old daughter, is thriving in 3rd grade, courageously tackling English as she dreams of becoming a police officer to aid others. All three kids are dedicated students, shaping their futures with education. The family benefits from our Good Food Box program, receiving a bi-weekly 20-pound fresh food basket, and actively engages in our events, maximizing the resources available to them.
"I like cooking recipes, going to the store to buy and with $10 I made pasta and chicken and vegetables. All in all, $10 was enough to feed three people. I liked that one could cook with little and healthy. I really liked going to the Kroc Center, because they do health tests like weighing you, see if you can balance, and they helped me see that I didn't have much muscle in my right hand. The most important thing is MOTIVATION. It boosted my self-esteem and I felt WELCOME, the most important thing."
Margarita stands out as one of our most dynamic community members at the Hispanic Center, embodying a spirit of unwavering support and dedication. Always ready to lend a hand, Margarita actively contributes to our events and plays a crucial role in gathering valuable community feedback. Her commitment extends beyond the community as she wholeheartedly participated in our Kroc Center program, embracing the opportunity to prioritize her well-being through regular workouts. Engaging with our "Comprando Rico y Sano" initiative, Margarita delved into the realm of healthy eating, enhancing her lifestyle. Recognizing her limited access to food, we enrolled her in our Good Food Box program, ensuring she receives the nourishment she deserves. Margarita's selflessness and genuine enthusiasm have left an indelible mark on the Hispanic Center, and we owe her a debt of gratitude for the extraordinary support she continues to offer. She is, without a doubt, an incredible human being.

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