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In partnership with GRCC we are offering affordable 18 week courses for Welding and CNC in Spanish. GRCC also offers a variety of trade classes and we can find one that best fits you!

One Workforce

One Workforce offers manufacturing training, which is vital for individual career growth, economic prosperity, and the continued success of the manufacturing industry. One Workforce’s commitment to providing these training opportunities demonstrates its dedication to both individuals and the broader community.


  1. Authorized to work in U.S.
  2. 17.5 years or older
  3. Not be enrolled in secondary education
  4. Selective Service (when applicable)

Classes Offered

CNC Machining Job Training Program

The Machine Tool/CNC program prepares you for a lucrative career in the field of advance manufacturing. This program is offered in Spanish.

Length: 18 weeks

Welding Technician Job Training Program

A welder performs tasks such as interpreting blueprints, selecting the appropriate welding equipment and techniques, preparing metal surfaces through cleaning and cutting, and then using specialized equipment to fuse metal pieces together. This program is offered in Spanish.

Length: 18 weeks

Basic Industrial Electricity Certificate

A Basic Industrial Electricity Certificate program provides foundational knowledge and skills in electrical systems and wiring for industrial applications.

Length: 1 year

Electrical Controls/Mechatronics Certificate

An Electrical Controls/Mechatronics Certificate program focuses on teaching students the fundamentals of electrical controls, automation, and mechatronics to prepare them for careers in industries that rely on automated systems.

Length: 1 year

Industrial Maintenance Certificate

An Industrial Maintenance Certificate program equips individuals with the essential skills and knowledge needed for the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment in industrial settings.

Length: 1 year

And Many More!

One Workforce offers a variety of trainings and we can help you find the right training suited for you and the advancement of your career.

Class Schedule

Down below you will find the day schedule for when classes begin and end. The day classes go from Monday through Thursday, 7:30am-3:30pm. Evening classes for Spanish are being established.

Why You Should Enroll

Meeting Industry Demands

Manufacturing is the backbone of many economies, and industries constantly evolve to meet changing demands. Offering manufacturing training ensures that there is a skilled workforce ready to meet the needs of the industry.

Career Advancement

Manufacturing training provides individuals with the opportunity to advance their careers. Whether they are starting their careers or seeking to upskill, these training programs open doors to better-paying and more fulfilling jobs.

Technological Advancement

The manufacturing industry is increasingly reliant on advanced technologies and automation. Training programs help workers stay up-to-date with these technologies, making them more valuable assets to their employers.

Diversity and Inclusion

One Workforce's commitment to offering manufacturing training in various languages, including Spanish, promotes diversity and inclusion within the industry. It enables individuals from different backgrounds to access these opportunities and contribute to the field


A trained workforce is more likely to innovate and develop new solutions within the manufacturing sector. This drives progress, efficiency, and competitiveness.

Community Development

By offering manufacturing training, One Workforce supports the development of skilled labor within communities. This, in turn, fosters community growth and stability.

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One Workforce’s commitment to providing these training opportunities demonstrates its dedication to both individuals and the broader community. Schedule your appointment today!

Camila Salcedo

One Workforce Coordinator


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