Community Outreach & Events

Community Engagement Team

Rocio Rodriguez

Community Engagement Manager

When it comes to connecting with community partners Rocio is your go to. Interested in volunteering, hosting an event, or have any general questions about the Center? Contact Rocio with all your questions!

Gaby Cordova

Community & Development Coordinator

Seen an event at the Hispanic Center? It's likely Gaby was involved in the planning process. Interested in the Latinx Youth Conference or the Hispanic Festival? Contact Gaby with all your questions!

Veronica Mascorro

Promotora De Salud

Wondering about the different Nutrition resources in the area? Veronica can help direct you to the right place. Our promotora coordinates Comprando Rico y Sano, Food Distribution, plans our annual Latinx Health Fair, and more! Interested in partnering or have any questions? Contact Veronica for more information!

Zandra Vazquez

Vaccine Equity Promotora

Have any questions about COVID-19 or want to know more about the vaccine? Our Vaccine Equity Promotora Zandra is here to help you better understand what exactly COVID-19 is. Interested in hosting a Charla? Contact Zandra for more information!


Comprando Rico y Sano 

Join us for talks on healthy lifestyles, meal planning, cooking and more!
Win a $20 gift card and a chance to win other prizes for attending 3 sessions.

Questions? No pre-registration is required.
Veronica: (616) 279-2890

Vaccination Clinic 

Join us for the vaccination clinic to have your vaccine against COVID-19, Influenza and Monkey pox at the Hispanic Center of West Michigan.

📲 Questions call Alejandro Immunization Coordinator at 616.246.0936

COVID-19 Charlas

Have a question about Covid-19 or want to learn more about the Covid-19 vaccine? Join us for our informative talk about COVID-19.

Questions? Or to register call Zandra (616) 279-2891

Upcoming Events

Food Distribution

Join us on August 29th, 2023 for food distribution at the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan.
ADDRESS: 1204 Cesar E. Chavez Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI
****Please have trunks open and do NOT block driveways.
Questions? 616.742.0200
Want to volunteer sign up here: Volunteer Link

Mobile Mammography Clinic

If you haven’t had your mammogram in the last 12 months, here’s your chance!
You are a candidate for a mammogram if you:
– Are age 40 or older
– Have not had a mammogram within the past year
– Are not pregnant or breastfeeding
Mammograms are considered preventative care and are usually covered 100% by insurance. If uninsured, alternative programs are available.

Appointments are required. To schedule your mammogram, call 855.559.7179.

September 28th 12pm-6pm
Hispanic Center of Western Michigan

1204 Cesar E. Chavez Ave SW
If you have any questions about the event, please call Veronica at 616.279.2890.

Coat Distribution

Every year the Hispanic Center of Western Michigan (1204 Cesar E. Chavez Ave SW Grand Rapids, MI 49503) will be distributing FREE winter coats to the community. Join us this year on November 11th from 11 am to 3 pm.
Interested in donating coats or becoming a sponsor of this event? Contact Rocio Rodriguez for more information on how to help the members of our community. (616) 246-0568 or

La Posada

The Hispanic Center of Western Michigan will open its doors to the community. Come and meet our facilities, and our team and share a night with delicious food, music, and much more.
The date of the 2023 event is still pending.
Interested in donating or becoming a sponsor of this event? Contact Rocio Rodriguez for more information on how to help the members of our community. (616) 246-0568 or

Past Events

Hispanic Festival

Come join us this August 4-6 at the Calder Plaza and celebrate with us the Latinx culture, amazing food, and wonderful music. The Hispanic Festival is the perfect place to spend your summer weekend with family and friends!


Dia De Los Ninos

Come celebrate Children’s Day at the Hispanic Center. There will be fun activities, toys, and music.
If you have any questions, please contact Alexandra at (616) 742-0213 or Rocio at (616) 246-0568.
For partnership opportunities, please contact Alejandra at (616) 246-0575 or
If you want to volunteer for the event, please contact Rocio at (616) 246-0568


Latinx Health & Resource Fair

Join us for this fun event! There will be health resources, exercise, games, and prizes.
If you are interested in sponsoring the event or having a booth, contact Veronica at 616.279.2890 or
The event will be at the parking lot of Cesar E. Chavez Elementary

Interested in Hosting an Event at the Center?

Our Cesar E. Chavez room is open for non-profit and for profit organizations to host events. We cannot host fundraising, political, or commercial use events, or private parties.

Filling out this form does not guarantee that the room will be reserved, all reservations will be pending until they are approved by the Community Engagement Manager.

Once you have completed this form please submit it to Rocio Rodriguez at:

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