La Escuelita

 Located at the Covenant House, La Escuelita are two bilingual classrooms designed to increase the accessibility of early scholastic resources for vulnerable children and provide quality education.


For more information, please contact Celeny Quintino, Director of la Escuelita.



Communication and Language Skills

The early years are when children are most receptive to language acquisition. High-quality early childhood programs support the development of language and communication skills, which are fundamental for success in school and beyond. Children who have a strong language foundation are better equipped to express themselves, understand others, and excel academically.

Reduction of Achievement Gaps

La Escuelita offers high-quality early childhood education can help reduce achievement gaps among children from different socioeconomic backgrounds. By providing access to educational opportunities early in life, children from disadvantaged backgrounds have a better chance to succeed academically and break the cycle of poverty.

School Readiness

Early childhood learning programs prepare children for formal education. They introduce basic academic concepts, teach essential pre-reading and math skills, and foster a love of learning. When children enter school with a strong foundation, they are more likely to succeed academically and remain engaged in their education.

Social and Emotional Development

Early childhood learning isn't just about academic knowledge. It's also a time when children develop essential social and emotional skills. Interactions with caregivers and peers in a structured learning environment help children learn how to manage their emotions, resolve conflicts, and build healthy relationships, setting the stage for emotional intelligence.


Youth & Education Services

We offer help with school enrollments, applying to college, FAFSA, and scholarships.

Emily Sanchez

Youth Program Coordinator

From enrolling kids in school to helping them pursue their career interests, Emily is here to help set your kids up for the road to success.

Youth Services

New to the area and need to sign your kids up for school, Emily can help guide you through the proper steps in getting your kids ready for school. Please bring proof of vaccinations to appointment.

Is your child facing a conflict in school? Emily can help guide you through the next steps and help you find answers. 

Our Youth Program Coordinator also provides support as students navigate the process of college applications and FAFSA. She also helps parents navigate the school enrollment process across Grand Rapids. ​

We offer a 6 to 8 week program that prepares students between the ages of 14 and 24 for the workforce. Students gain valuable work experiences and skills through a paid internship, allowing them opportunities to explore various occupations and connect to local businesses and communities.

The program targets students living in the Grand Rapids area.

For more information, please contact Emily Sanchez at